Social responsibility: Recruiting local forces in Petronad Asia petrochemicals – July 20, 2023

Recruiting local forces in Petronad Asia petrochemicals

Petronad Asia Petrochemical Company, in line with its social responsibility, has put on the agenda the project of attracting and hiring qualified local workers. This is important despite the fact that so far more than 80% of the colleagues stationed at the petrochemical site of Petronad Asia are natives of Mahshahr city and Khuzestan province, and this figure is expected to increase by the end of the year.

According to Petronad Asia Petrochemical Public Relations, the issue of job creation in Khuzestan province has always been of great concern to the people of this province. On this basis, despite the fact that more than 80% of the workers stationed in the petrochemical complex are natives of Khuzestan province and Mahshahr city, this company intends to continue to increase its share in the employment of local workers and fulfill its social responsibility.

In this regard, starting today, the process of recruiting and hiring local forces in the Petronad Asia Petrochemical Park was put on the agenda. According to the statements of the relevant managers in Petronad Asia, job seekers have been introduced and invited to this company by the Mahshahr Petrochemical Special Economic Zone Labor Department. This process was held during two consecutive days (July 19 and 20), and the average age of the people present is between 24 and 36 years. Also, the steps of recruiting these people in 4 sections include receiving the employment questionnaire form and completing it, psychological test, general and specialized interview and psychological interview.

Petronad Asia Petrochemical Company has continued this process with special attention to its social responsibilities in Khuzestan province and Mahshahr city and intends to provide services to the people of the region and province in many aspects.