Hosted by Petronad Asia Petrochemicals: the new chapter of joint cooperation with today’s alchemists – June 31, 2023

On June 30, Petronad Asia Petrochemical Company hosted Kimia Development Group and Kimiagaran Chemical Industries Company today. This ceremony was attended by Engineer Seyyed Mohammad Reza Mousavi Esfahani, Honorable Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kimia Group, Engineer Behzad Mohammadi, Honorable CEO of Kimia Group, and Engineer Seyed Mostafa Mousavi Isfahani, Honorable Deputy CEO of Kimiagaran Chemical Industries Company, today at Petronad Asia petrochemical site in the site of two special economic zones. Mahshahr Petrochemical was held.

According to Petronad Asia Petrochemical Public Relations, last day, the visit and synergistic ceremony of Kimya Group, Kimyagaran Chemical Industries Company was held today, hosted by Petronad Asia Petrochemical.

The senior managers of Kimya Group and Kimyagaran Company attended the Petronad Asia petrochemical site today while visiting this project in a meeting regarding issues such as exploitation of upcoming projects, upstream and downstream industries of the petrochemical industry and the development and completion of the value chain in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

At the beginning of this event, a visit to Petronad Asia Petrochemical Park was on the agenda. In this regard, due to the importance of health, safety and environment (HSE), the managers of this department, by presenting materials while emphasizing the importance of maintaining human health in industrial environments, gave the attendees important tips for entering the petrochemical complex. In the following, the senior managers of these two companies visited the Petrochemical Park of Petronad Asia and saw the stages of construction of new units and units in operation.

In the second part of this event, which was held at Petronad Asia’s Blue Diamond Conference Hall, engineer Behzad Mohammadi, CEO of Kimya Development Group, while pointing out the history of the petrochemical industry in Mahshahr, called this city one of the most important petrochemical hubs in the country.

Behzad Mohammadi also said: Iran’s petrochemical industry has reached a high level of self-sufficiency in the production of upstream and downstream products in recent years, and it is hoped that the companies under the Kimia group can also play a prominent role in this industry after exploitation.

Also referring to Petronad Asia products, he said: The high variety of products in Petronad Asia petrochemicals has made this site known as a petrochemical park with diverse products, and the unique products have made it one of the most attractive petrochemicals in Iran.

In the other part of this meeting, the respected Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kimya Group, Engineer Seyed Mohammad Reza Mousavi Esfahani, in his statements, referring to the beginning of Petronad Asia Petrochemical, said: since 2018, when the construction project of Petronad Asia was launched, this event has brought many hopes. created so that it can become one of the most unique petrochemicals in the country in the future.

He also added: With the passage of time and with the efforts of the employees of this complex, the full exploitation of the MEG unit, the completion of the pharmaceutical grade glycerine unit and the progress of the construction of the ethoxylate unit are considered to be one of the turning points of the activities of Petronad Asia and the group, and a light of hope for the illumination of all It will create more in the future of the country’s petrochemical industry.

In this regard, Mr. Abdulla Samadi, CEO of Petronad Asia Petrochemical Company, while welcoming the honorable guests, considered this meeting as the beginning of a continuous solidarity and cooperation between Petronad Asia and Kimyagaran Chemical Industries today.

Referring to the importance of connecting the petrochemical industry to the pharmaceutical industry, he said: As a leading company in the production of pharmaceutical raw materials, Kimyagaran can be a very good partner and companion for Petronad Asia in order to complete the value chain of petrochemicals to medicine.

Mr. Samadi, while appreciating the managers of Kimya Group for their unwavering support in order to operate the units of this complex as soon as possible, added: The respected managers of Kimya Group, with significant material and spiritual support, made it possible for Petronad Asia’s specialists and hard workers to become one of the Bring the most important units of this site, which is called pharmaceutical grade glycerin, to the operational stage.

At the end of this meeting, the commemorative board of this meeting was unveiled and senior managers and officials signed this board.