Policy, Missions and Values

Petronad Asia Petrochemical Company produces downstream products of ethylene oxide, including ethanolamine and ethanolamines, in order to complete the value chain of downstream products of the huge petrochemical industry. It aims to increase profitability and create a superior position in the domestic, regional and global markets. With the belief of moving forward in the path of excellence and continuous improvement, the use of modern management systems, the requirements of integrated management systems based on standards have been put at the forefront of its activities.

  • 9001:2015 – Quality Management
  • ISO 14001:2015 – Environment
  • ISO 45001:2018 – Health Safety

In order to achieve the organization’s vision and strategic and operational goals within the framework of fundamental values, it considers itself obliged to strive in the following areas:

  • Continuation of economic production and creating added value and increasing the satisfaction of stakeholders through identifying their needs and expectations
  • Commitment to sustainable development in the framework of social responsibilities
  • Commitment to continuous improvement of management systems and innovation in line with strategic goals
  • Commitment to consulting and developing partnership with employees and empowering them with effective training and appreciating their efforts
  • Promotion and improvement of safety, quality and energy, environmental and occupational health indicators
  • Optimal use of assets, resources and information
  • Protection and creation of clean environment
  • Commitment to provide safe and healthy working conditions for employees, contractors and clients in order to prevent work-related injuries and illnesses
  • Commitment to strengthening the HSE culture and eliminating risks and reducing occupational health and safety risks and using the organization’s information and knowledge appropriately
  • Commitment, adherence and compliance with internal and external rules and regulations
  • Committing and supporting an efficient purchasing process (based on the principles of health, transparency, quality, effectiveness and competitiveness) and relevant and effective designs on energy performance and environmental consequences, as well as using the power of domestic producers to support domestic production

For this purpose; quality, environmental, energy, safety and occupational health strategies, goals and plans are compiled in accordance with the latest regulations and laws related to the company’s activities. They are monitored, measured and reviewed annually to ensure effectiveness. I, with the participation and advice of all colleagues, commit to comply with all the requirements of this policy, implement the programs, in accordance with the legal requirements and reference standards in the integrated management system and future revisions.

CEO of Petronad Asia

Abdollah Samadi

Mission Statement

  • Preventing crude sale of petrochemical products and completing the value chain of downstream products
  • Creating value and sustainable development
  • Entrepreneurial orientation through the use of committed and skilled human capital
  • Providing excellent customer service and reaching new target markets

Visions of Petronad Asia

Petronad Asia Petrochemical Company will always try to increase the expectations of stakeholders through its commitment to the pillars of sustainability in the form of social responsibility, quality, creativity, agility and innovation, initiative and respect for the environment, so that in the next 5 years:

  • Selected by customers and employees
  • Improving shared organizational values ​​(continuous development, improvement of organizational system, customer orientation and social responsibility)
  • Excellent in increasing profits and wealth
  • To be a competitive petrochemical brand with a name at the level of national and international values.

Organizational values


Accountability, transparency and confidentiality


Preserving the environment and paying attention to the health of human capital


Up-to-date and efficient (use of modern management systems in order to be more agile and successful in today's competitive world)


Loyalty to commitments and building trust towards all stakeholders of the organization


Innovation and creativity


Training and motivating all personnel of the organization and empowering human capital with the approach of knowledge management and productivity


Honesty, responsibility, ethics, specialization, meritocracy, preserving human dignity and values.