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About Us Petrochemical Petronad Asia

Petronad Asia Petrochemical Industries Company (Mahshahr Blue Diamond) started its activity in 2018 in order to complete the supply chain in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, increase profitability and create a superior position in the domestic, regional and global markets.


This company is located on a land of 14 hectares in the second site of Mahshahr Special Economic Zone in Khuzestan province.


Petronad Asia, for the first time in the country, was the pioneer in creating a value chain from the petrochemical industry to the pharmaceutical industry, and according to the document on the development and completion of the value chain of petrochemicals, which is considered one of the most important development programs of the country, Petronad Asia Petrochemical Park plan in the form of 6 projects It is introduced as follows:

درباره پتروشیمی پتروناد آسیا


Ethylene Glycol Purification Unit

Ethylene Glycol Unit – Capacity of 7,600 tons per year

Glycerine Distillation Unit

Pharmaceutical Grade Glycerine Unit – Capacity 15,300 tons per year

Ethoxylation Unit

Ethoxylate Unit – Capacity of more than 56 thousand tons per year

Etanolamines Unit

Ethanolamines Unit – Capacity of 14 thousand tons per year

Choline Chloride Unit

choline Chloride Unit – 7 thousand tons per year

Sulfonation Unit

Sulfonation Unit – 21.5 thousand tons per year

The diverse and unique products of Petronad Asia Petrochemical Park are used in the pharmaceutical and food industries, cosmetics and hygiene, agriculture and many other important industries of the country, and in addition to self-sufficiency and reducing imports, they can take a large share of global target markets.

Moreover, in order to achieve the goals and develop the country’s economy, Petronad Asia has a mission to prevent crude sales of petrochemical products.

Also, creating value and sustainable development, employing committed and skilled human capital, providing excellent services to customers and reaching new target markets are among the other important missions of this company.

According to the estimates, Petronad Asia Petrochemical Park will produce more than 130,000 tons of various products per year, and this capacity will be connected to the country’s pharmaceutical industry.

Petronad Asia’s huge petrochemical project has been introduced as one of the top projects in Khuzestan province with significant progress, and it is believed to be fully operational by the end of 1403.