Petrochemical Company Petronad Asia

Production of Petronad Asia’s first petrochemical product

According to the public relations report of Petronad Asia Company, the first product of Petronad Asia Petrochemical Park was produced by the MEG unit on 09/08/1401 according to the project schedule due to the efforts of the company's specialists and capable forces.
Glycols, also called DLs, are compounds containing two hydroxyl groups attached to separate carbon atoms in an aliphatic chain. Ethylene glycols are used as intermediates for uses such as resins, homogenizers of solvents, additives and chemical intermediates. These applications, depending on the type of construction, include a wide range of products, including antifreeze liquids, heat transfer liquids, antifreeze in cars and coolants, water-based adhesives, latex paints and asphalt emulsions, electrolytic capacitors, textile fibers, paper and leather. be

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